It should be noted that if a member has built up Pension Benefits in another NHS Pension Scheme (England & Wales, Scotland or The Isle of Man) these benefits do not automatically link with benefits built up in the HSC Pension Scheme (Northern Ireland). 

Under Pension Legislation, if a member wishes to transfer such benefits to the HSC Pension Scheme it should be done within a year of joining. HSC Pension Service previously announced that all legacy transfer applications must be made before 31st March 2017. It has been agreed that this date will now be extended to 30th September 2017. Legacy Transfer requests made after this date will not be accepted. Please note this extension applies only to NHS Transfers of benefits. All other Transfers are subject to the one year of joining rule. 

Going forward the rule permitting transfers of benefits made within one year of joining the Scheme will be strictly enforced.


Extension of Deadline for Legacy NHS Transfer Requests