In 2009 members of the 1995 section of the HSC Pension Scheme were given an option to move their accrued benefits to the 2008 section of the scheme, this was known as Choice. Further to the impact of Pension Reform and particularly on retirement age, this choice (Choice 2) is again being offered to active members who are affected by a change in their retirement age. Letters are due to be issued to the affected members in the Autumn.

To be eligible for Choice 2 you must:

  • Have been an active member of the 1995 Section of the HSC Pension Scheme on 31 March 2015 and
  • Have Tapered Protection or no Protection.

Only 1 in 3 members will be eligible for this Choice exercise.  HSC Pension Service will write to those members affected with information on what to do next.

Please find below Choice 2 documentation including factsheets, FAQ’s, example calculations and a calculator to assist you with your decision.

HSC Pension Choice A4 Poster

Choice 2 Information Factsheet

Choice 2 Members Frequently Asked Questions

Choice 2 Glossary of Terms

Choice 2 Example Non Protected, Special Class or MHO

Choice 2 Example Non Protected Officer

Choice 2 Calculator

Choice 2 Decision Flowchart

Additional Notes for Practitioners

HSC Pension Scheme Booklet - 2015 Scheme

2015 Scheme Factsheet