If you have been in the Scheme for less than two years you may be able to have your contributions refunded.

Before proceeding with a refund request, you should read the information provided in the Options on Leaving section so you are aware of all options available to you.

To be entitled to a refund you must meet the following criteria:

• Be under your Normal Pension Age during the period of membership to be refunded.
• Have less than two years qualifying membership in the Scheme
• Have ceased contributions in all HSC employment
• Not had a transfer into the Scheme from a personal pension provider

For more information about claiming a refund of pension contributions please read this factsheet.

Please note that members of the 1995 and 2008 Sections of the HSC Pension Scheme who take a refund of contributions will only be eligible to join the 2015 Section of the HSC Pension Scheme if they later return to HSC work.