Active Members

Membership of the scheme is an important and valuable staff benefit for people working in the Health Service.  As a scheme member, you get an excellent package of pension benefits, index linked and guaranteed by the Government.

HSC scheme benefits are worth approximately 20% of pay overall.  Pension contributions are subject to tax relief and you will pay a lower rate of National Insurance contributions.

This is good value for money, especially when you know your benefits are secure and will be there when you need them.

If you join the scheme, you will receive life insurance cover of twice your pensionable or reckonable pay from the day you join.

Membership of the scheme is voluntary, however, you will be entered into the scheme automatically and will have to choose to opt out.  You can make alternative provision through a personal pension or be contracted in to the Second State Pension.

This Section of the website provides detailed information for current and former scheme members.  This section covers every type of health service worker across both Sections of the Scheme.  It explains all the different areas and features of the Scheme along with useful links to help you find your way around.