If you are a current Scheme member, have at least two years membership and are too ill to work in your present job you may be able to retire early and take your pension benefits. If you think ill-health retirement applies to you, please read the Guide to Ill Health Retirement and complete form AW33 available from the Scheme Forms section of this website but you must be leaving work solely because of permanent ill-health. If dismissed for any other reason you cannot qualify for an ill-health pension.

There are two tiers of Ill health retirement and the benefits you get will depend on whether or not you are capable of undertaking employment elsewhere. The minimum pension age does not apply in the case of ill health retirement. Ill health pensions are increased each April in line with increases in the Consumer Price Index(CPI).

It may be possible to move between the tiers after retirement where our medical advisers indicate your condition may meet Tier 2 requirements within 3 years of retiring. It may also be possible if your condition is such that it is not possible to determine at the outset whether you will recover sufficiently to undertake any regular work.

If you are terminally ill you may take your benefits immediately as a lump sum. In this case they will be calculated based on Tier 2. Please see the Terminal Ill Health Factsheet for more information.

Your benefits may be reduced or withdrawn if you take up further HSC employment after retiring early due to ill health.

If you are a deferred member and you become too ill to undertake regular employment before your normal pension age, you may able to take your pension early without reduction or any enhancement. If this happens you can download the application form AW240 available to download form our Scheme forms section. This gives more information about what you need to do.

Injury benefits

A separate scheme covers HSC Staff and Practitioners (whether they are in the HSC Pension Scheme or not) for injuries or diseases contracted in the course of work. The Injury Benefit Scheme can provide temporary or permanent payments to you or your dependants if you are absent from work, unable to earn as much or die as a result of the injury or disease.

More information can be found on the HSC Injury Benefit Guide.