Welcome to the employers’ area where we will provide support and information on the 2015 Scheme.

This section of the HSC Pension Service website is dedicated to Scheme Employers and contains up to date information and links on all aspects of the HSC Pension Scheme.

All scheme employers are advised that following consultation a Charter detailing the high-level roles and responsibilities of Scheme Employers has been produced and published.

This document which is now available from the link below has been jointly produced by the DHSSPS, NHS Employers and HSC Pension Service after consultation with local Pension Administrators, HR representatives and HSC Employers.

The Charter is jointly aimed at those who hold overall accountability, and those who are responsible for actual local administration within the employing organisation to provide explicit clarification of their role and responsibilities.

The document also promotes the requirement for HSC Pension Service and Scheme Employers to work effectively in partnership and to set out at a high level the various undertakings that a local employer must undertake in administrating the scheme. Within the document Scheme Employers are reminded of their legal obligations in this regard and their need to be fully compliant against their responsibilities. The document will be regarded as a living document and will be subject to regular review as the pensions landscape changes. A separate document outlining the roles and responsibilities of HSC Pension Service will also be produced.

HSC Employers Charter


The information in this section of the website has been provided to assist employers with the administration.of the HSC Pension Scheme.

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