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Employers Newsletter Quarter 4 – 2023/2024

This Newsletter contains information about:

  • Department of Health Consultation
  • McCloud Update
  • Consideration for Ill Health Retirement Applications – update
  • Contact Us

This information is also available in a downloadable/printable format here.

  • Department of Health Consultation

    The Department of Health is consulted on amendments to the Regulations that provide the rules for the HSC Pension Schemes. The Consultation ran from 14th November 2023 until 5pm on 22nd January 2024.
    In summary, the proposals amend the HSC Pension Scheme Regulations as follows:

    • Changes to the member contribution structure from 1 April 2024
    • Changes to the employer contribution rate from 1 April 2024
    • Changes to abatement provisions for special class status (SCS) members
    • Changes to scheme access policy

    The Department of Health has now published the response document to the recent consultation relating to the introduction of new retirement flexibilities, including partial retirement. The full response can be found at the following link:

    HSC Pension Scheme – proposed amendments to scheme regulations regarding flexibilities | Department of Health (

  • McCloud Update

    Following legislation coming into effect on 1st October 2023, HSC Pension Service (HSCPS), are working with our Software providers to ensure that we get our systems fully functional to implement the McCloud Legislation and regulations.

    We have now made progress in implementing the first stage of the McCloud Remedy by rolling affected members back into their legacy scheme i.e. 1995/2008 up until 31st March 2022. All active members will be moved to the 2015 CARE Scheme from 1st April 2022.

    As a result, all pension calculations processed on or after 1st April 2024 will have benefits up to 31st March 2022 calculated under their legacy scheme i.e. 1995/2008. All benefits accrued from 1st April 2022 onwards will be calculated under the 2015 CARE Scheme. HSCPS will contact retirees at a later date with personalised information to assist in making their choice regarding their benefits for the remedy period (01/04/2015 – 31/03/2022).

    If a member chooses to keep their existing benefits, no changes will be needed. If a member chooses to receive different pension benefits for the remedy period, adjustments will be made to their pension payments accordingly. Any changes will be backdated to the date of retirement.

  • Consideration for Ill Health Retirement Applications - update

    HSC Pension Service continue to send Applications for consideration for Ill Health Retirement to the alternative provider BHSF. The NICS OHS are still not in a position to offer us an adequate service due to staffing levels.

    Decisions are now being returned to HSCPS within 6-8 weeks. As discussed during the Employer Forum in February 2024 we would ask that employers do not request Ill Health Retire-ment estimates. The turnaround for estimates is approximately 13 weeks, therefore members will have received their decision prior to receiving an estimate. Serious ill health cases continue to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.