Welcome to the NI Firefighters’ Pension Scheme member section. This section has been developed to give scheme members information about the benefits and options available to them.

The information on this site is based on current scheme rules that apply. Changes to the schemes are going to take place in 2022 and 2023 to remove age discrimination found by the courts. The site will be updated in line with those changes when they happen.

You can find out more about these changes in the McCloud Judgement section.

Firefighters Pension Scheme (2015) (CARE)

Modified Scheme (2007) (Retained Fighters)

New Firefighters Pension Scheme (2007) (NFPS)

Firefighters Pension Scheme NI (2007) (FPS)

Deferred Members (No longer paying in)

McCloud Judgement (2015)




Pensions Bulletin 01 – Update on McCloud Judgement

Pensions Bulletin 02 – Update and Virtual Roadshow

Pensions Bulletin 03 – Virtual Roadshow Reminder

Pensions Bulletin 04 – Update on Firefighters Pensions Administration

Pensions Bulletin 05 – Update on McCloud Remedy

Pensions Bulletin 06 – Lifetime Allowance Fixed Protection

Pensions Bulletin 09 – Modified Pension Scheme for Retained Firefighters – Second Options Exercise

FPS Bulletin 55

FPS Bulletin 56

FPS-Bulletin 57

FPS Bulletin 58

FPS Bulletin 59

FPS Bulletin 60

FPS Bulletin 61

FPS Bulletin 62

FPS Bulletin 63

FPS Bulletin 64 December 2022

FPS Bulletin 66 February 2023





FPS Bulletin 71 – July 2023

NIFRS Pension Update - Briefing document - consultation on changes to transitional protection of the 2015 schemes Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service Pensions Privacy Notice

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure

Scheme Opt In Form

Letter of Authority

Unauthorised Payment Tax Mandate

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