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Estimate Request Form (ESTREQ)

Members of the HSC Pension Scheme (HSCPS) should note the following:

1. Employees can only request Pension estimates on behalf of themselves. Requests for other estimates for other Scheme members will only be accepted from the relevant HR department.
2. Pension estimates will only be processed if you are within one year of normal retirement age, unless there are exceptional circumstances i.e. Ill Health Retirement, Voluntary Early Reduction Retirement or requests linked to divorce proceedings. Based on the information you provide, the Payroll Pensions Team
will advise you accordingly if a Pension estimate cannot be completed.
3. The information required for completing Pension estimates will be sent from the Payroll Pensions Team
directly to the HSCPS on your behalf. Whenever the HSCPS complete your Pension estimate, they will post the illustration directly to your home address.
4. Please note that if you have already requested a Pension estimate within the past 12 months, subsequent requests are subject to a fee. The schedule of charges for HSCPS can be found on the HSCPS website at: – HSCPS will confirm payment before any estimate is processed.
5. You can also find a range of calculators on the HSCPS website which can assist you in determining an
estimate of your pension benefits.
6. Please note that the standard turnaround time for an estimate to be completed by the Payroll Pension
team is six weeks. Once HSCPS are in receipt of your estimate request, the turnaround time is an additional six to eight weeks.

If you would prefer to download and complete a printable version of this form, you can do so by clicking here.

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