Before applying to opt out of the HSC Pension Scheme you should first read the guide and the Scheme Guide.

The Opt Out Calculator, in our Pensions Calculators section will illustrate the impact of your take home pay and contains some standard information outlining the benefits you would lose if you decide to opt out.

If you have decided to opt-out and are aware of the benefits you will be giving up on leaving the Scheme, read more information in the Opting Out Factsheet.

To opt out of the HSC Pension Scheme you must complete the application form to leave the HSC Pension Scheme (SD502) which is available in the Scheme Forms section.

The form must be fully completed by you and your HSC employer.

A request to opt out that is made by any other means, e.g. letter, email or made verbally cannot be accepted.

If you are not able to print off a copy of the application form to opt out of the Scheme, your employer should be able to provide access to facilities which will allow you to do this.