This section of the website provides the facility for members to estimate the benefits they may receive at retirement. There are also calculators which can be used to establish the percentage cost of purchasing an Early Retirement Reduction Buy Out in the 2015 Scheme.

There are different calculators for each section of the HSC Pension Scheme and some members may have to use more than one calculator if their service is split between a number of schemes.

Before using the calculators you should read the Scheme Calculators – Which one should I use? document as this will help you find the correct calculator for your own personal circumstances.

To fully utilise the calculator you should have at hand a copy of your Annual Benefit Statement which you can access through the HSC Pension Service “Member Self Service” portal available at

The calculators will provide you with 3 different outcomes, standard benefits, reduced annual pension with maximum lump sum and personal choice of reduced annual pension and increased lump sum.

Just follow the simple steps on the calculator to forecast your potential benefits at retirement.

The Pension Commutation Calculator shows, for members of the 1995 Section (who have accrued membership on or after 1 April 2008), members of the 2008 Section and the 2015 Scheme, what they will receive if they choose to give up (or ‘commute’) some of their pension in return for a larger lump sum on retirement.

Please note that these calculators make no allowance for the Department of Finance’s proposed remedy to remove the unlawful discrimination arising from the transitional protection awarded to members as part of the reform of the public sector pension schemes in 2015. Therefore, for members who are eligible for remedy (i.e. those who joined the scheme on or before 31 March 2012 and remained in service on or after 31 March 2015), these calculators may not provide a correct benefit projection. In particular, the benefits accrued during the proposed remedy period of 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2022, may not be based on the scheme benefit structure you ultimately receive at your retirement. 

For members who are not in scope for remedy, the calculator will continue to produce suitable estimates based on the current benefits in the relevant scheme.

The Additional Pension calculator shows how much it is likely to cost to purchase additional pension benefits. It will give you an indication of the single payments or monthly contributions you would have to pay to get the extra pension amount you require.

HSC Pension Scheme McCloud Remedy Modeller

You can use the modeller at to help illustrate the projected benefits you may receive at different retirement ages from both the legacy and reformed HSC Pension Schemes in Northern Ireland if you are affected by the McCloud Remedy

If after using these calculators you are interested in any of the options available you can either:

  •  Contact HSC Pension Service directly to discuss your options
  • Complete the relevant application form which can be found in our forms section.